Upcoming UX Conferences

Live, online learning with a variety of courses in UX Design, Research, and Management topics. Includes the opportunity to earn UX Certification.

Live, online learning with the opportunity to earn UX Certification.

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Each Series includes 5 consecutive half-day sessions dedicated to learning skills in that topic area.

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More than 40,000 people have attended NN/g UX Training courses, representing thousands of organizations from 102 countries on 6 continents. Our courses focus on actionable, proven guidelines and methods.

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Our Research

NN/g principals pioneered many of the UX research methods which have now become the standard best practices.

Today we continue testing designs with real users, applying methods ranging from eyetracking, to diary studies, to in-person and remote usability testing. We analyze user behavior to find actionable guidelines and make recommendations you can rely on.

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Consulting Services

The same experts who lead our trainings and conduct our research can evaluate your designs and help your team develop a successful UX strategy.

We provide reliable UX guidance to clients from every sector, from Fortune 500 to niche market upstarts.

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